Improved transport economy

Flexiwaggon AB © (publ) offers a win-win solution.

Flexiwaggon AB © (publ) offers a win–win solution. Besides the obvious needs of society to use the railway to a higher extent for the transportation of goods, the business potentials for the railway operators and haulage companies are enormous.

Calculations show that The Flexiwaggon makes it possible for the haulage companies to increase their margins by reducing the consumption of fuel, service, maintenance and the cost of drivers. When opting for the railway as the means of transport, the haulage companies can lower the capital expenses and achieve major synergies including lower costs for stock-keeping.

Schedule accordingly

Schedule your transportation according to time tables and stops for planed routes

7 Minutes

Fast, easy and efficient transhipments of cargo in only 7 minutes and is driver operated


Easy load and unload

Easy to load and unload – the lorry can travel on the waggon with or without the driver

Clear tracks

No disruption to traffic on parallel tracks, freeing up space for simultaneous loading and unloading

Self Generating Electricity

Generators provide electricity onboard: 240/400 volt 50-60Hz, for cooling units or engine heaters. Providing its own power source

No need for personnel

Individual loading and unloading of waggons can be done by driver alone